Lexus NX 300h EX

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Lexus Hybrid Range

As a manufacturer, Lexus has been one of the most prolific in terms the launch and sale of hybrid vehicles in South Africa. By offering everything from a smaller hatchback with a hybrid powertrain to a premium SUV and even a compact crossover model all that utilise an internal combustion engine and a battery pack, it would appear that Lexus are the go-to-guys for hybrids in South Africa.

Next up in the Lexus range is the NX 300h, which is a four-wheel drive crossover hybrid, definitely a car for the times. Its 2.5 litre naturally aspirated motor in combination with the electric motor produces a combined 145kW and is mated to a CT transmission. The NX 300h sips a claimed 6.0 litres/100km, which is commendable for a large crossover vehicle.


Lexus NX 300h EX R746 700