2018 is going to be an interesting year

Interestingly, we’ve been told August is Women’s Month. We even had a public holiday celebrating Women’s Day. Various government ministers (including President Zuma) preached how we must all respect women and anyone who abuses a woman “will feel the full might of the law”.

As a prime example of support for the above, we have deputy Education Minister Manana. He is really showing us how he respects women. What next? Oh yes, he’s a government minister which means he is not just anyone!

Here’s a thought to grapple with: The ANC is supposed to elect a new leader in December. If that happens to be Cyril Ramaphosa, then who’s in charge? Does President Zuma now have to take “orders” from Ramaphosa? Ramaphosa is the Vice President and takes orders from Zuma does he not?

What is a sure-fire fact is that 2018 is going to be an ‘exciting’ year. The ANC is going to muddle along and find itself being in more disarray than ever before. They will have to call up the regular rent-a-crowd dancers and singers to generate support for the “better lives for all” programmes.

The latter are non-workable economic policies which will lead to more job losses and investment downgrades. Vast amounts will be wasted on state enterprises and ensure that the good life continues for the chosen few.

It is too terrible to witness SA following in the same footsteps of many African countries.

Riaan Engelbrecht

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