Women-to-Women discussion seeks to empower married women

From left: Angelic de Wee, Nevileen Lance, Pastor Annetjie Vries, Angelic Van Ross and Samantha Van Ross who attended the ministries event organised by the Light on a Hill church, on August 5. With them is Shantey Lance.

The aim of the Women-to-Women conference was to address problems faced by married women.

Pastor Annetjies Vries said: “For more than five years I have been asking God three questions. About two years ago, the Holy Spirit asked me why I don’t consult my spiritual mothers and sisters regarding these questions as I never had an open relationship with my biological mother. In May this year one of my spiritual sisters called me to share her frustrations about her husband’s behaviour. It was then that the Holy Spirit confirmed I should host the event for women.”

In a unique twist the church was turned into a court room at the event.

Pastors from different churches in Windmill Park were judges and wore black gowns.

Some of the questions raised on the day included the following: What do women want from their husbands? Where does love start – is it in the bedroom? Who has to start the foreplay? Are men the only ones who should enjoy sex and be satisfied?

The guests wrote their questions on a piece of paper while the prosecutor collected them and presented them to the judges.

The answers were then answered accordingly.

Cathrine Avels said she enjoyed herself at the conference.

“We received a lot of advice from our ‘judges’ on how to treat and respect our men at all times and how men should embrace us. We were told that they should allow us to be intimate with them whenever we feel like it because through God’s word we become one,” Avels said.

Pastor Annetjies Vries concluded: “For Light On A Hill Ministries, this event was challenging but I’m happy that we managed to inspire and encourage married women. This event was a success through God’s grace. We are thinking of hosting another event which will include our husbands.”

Ntombikayise Sibeko

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