Feeling ‘barbaric’? The K90 Caveman Chop is calling

Brotherhood Strongman member Peter Mcgonigle demonstrates what lies ahead in the Turn n Tender Caveman Chop contest. The challenge is a one kilogram rib-eye steak on the bone (weight excludes bone) and contestants have to tackle it with their hands!

Five volunteers from the audience will vie for the title of “Boksburg K90’s Biggest Chop” against 10 Brotherhood Strongman members, as they tackle a one-kilogram rib-eye steak on the bone (the weight excludes the bone!).

The meat will be supplied by and grilled to perfection by the experts at Turn ‘n Tender, said Charlie Bentel, managing director of Bentel Property Consultants.

“The Brotherhood Strongman events have always been a massive drawcard at our birthday celebrations and this year we’re adding to the fun with this ‘neanderthal’ meat-eating contest.

“Contestants should be warned – this is a mean cut of meat, and the audience should be warned – it’s going to get brutally messy!”

The title of Boksburg K90’s Biggest Chop and a R1 000 K90 voucher will go to the contestant who conquers the Caveman Chop in the fastest time.

The chop-eating contest gets underway from around 11:30am, so be there if you want to put your hand up for this massive challenge and the title of Boksburg K90’s Biggest Chop!

* Great news is not only can you order this magnificent K90 Caveman Chop as a menu item at Turn n Tender, but you can also buy this superb cut from Meat World to braai at home! Remember to ask for the K90 Caveman Chop!

Lana O’Neill
Assistant Editor

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