Water wasted as burst pipe is left unattended

A Dawn Park resident is concerned about the amount of clean water that is being wasted through a burst pipe. The problem has been ongoing for three months. He has reported the matter several times and this week contacted the Advertiser for help.

Lambani said he reported the leak when he first spotted it about three months ago.

“A few days after I contacted the metro, a van was sent out, but instead of repairing the pipe, the workers exacerbated the situation.

“They dug a big hole and left the area without fixing the leak. They promised to send someone to fix the problem but to date nothing has happened.

“Subsequently, the hole became filled with water and the pipe has been gushing kilolitres of clean drinking water, flooding the road and making it difficult for residents to walk and drive through the area,” said Lambani, who blamed the problem on the lacklustre performance of municipal workers.

He has contacted the metro on several occasions but the problem persists.

The number on which to report water-related problems, like leaks, burst pipes, blocked drains and other defects, is 086 054 3000.

Fanie Mthupha

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