Boot camp offers a taste of the thirsty world of home brewing

At the camp were (from left) Pete Brown (top UK writer of 'Hops and Glory' and 'Miracle Brew'), Hennie Kloppers (Two Okes Brewery), Wendy Pienaar (Just Brewing Co) and John Palmer, renowned American author of 'How To Brew'.

Pete Brown, a British writer specialising in making people thirsty, shared insights into the existing synergy of beer and music at the third edition of the Beer Boot Camp, hosted at the Birchwood Hotel, on July 8.

Around 90 beer enthusiasts attended the conference.

According to Brown, who was one of the speakers, listening to a certain type of music while drinking a beer will alter its taste.

Seen here are some of the exhibitors at the Beer Boot Camp, hosted at the Birchwood Hotel. They are (from left) Warren Blar, Guy Kukard and Francis van der Merwe from Multi-Color Corporation Global Label Solutions.

“Music can enhance the flavours of beer. For instance, listening to classical music will present different beer tastes. The music of your favourite song, band or genre changes the characteristics of the beer,” Brown said.

Other speakers included John Palmer, Stan Hieronymus, Michael Ferguson, Neva Parker and Stuart Thompson.

Seen here is Linda Roberts and Keith Roberts from Witfield exhibiting their own brand of coffee.

The boot camp was a full-day indaba, focusing on delivering a high-quality educational experience to South African home brewers and beer drinkers.

The objectives of the conference were to raise awareness of home brewing and the growing trend of brewing your own beer; to share brewing knowledge and experience; provide inspiration, ideas and motivation for brewers; improve the quality of South African craft beer; build relationships between South African home brewers and the brewing community and helping to establish links between service providers and the brewing community.

Just Brewing Co, Boksburg’s only craft brewery, was once again involved in the organisation of this conference.

Ken Maggs (bevPlus) with Dieter Stapelberg (Weyermann Specialty Malts) at the third edition of the Beer Boot Camp.

Wendy Pienaar, from Just Brewing Co, said: “Presenters gave insights into different topics and conveyed positive messages about home brewing. They also shared their thoughts on what is happening in the brewing world and encouraged the use of local ingredients and traditional herbs.”

John Palmer, author of the best-selling book, ‘How to brew” gave a presentation about ‘water in brewing’.

Palmer encouraged home brewers to open their own brewing company, while equipping them to understand regulations. “We are here to give them tools, information and skills on how to go about expanding their efforts,” Palmer said.

Some of the exhibitors included a Witfield couple who make coffee from green beans. They exhibited their Roberts Roastery product at the event.

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