Club set to boom with MMA action

Patrick ‘God of War’ Luindula.

The event, which will be headlined by former teammates Asiashu Tshitamba and Danie Swart, is scheduled to kick-off at 7pm.

The co-main event will see a ladies clash when Kyla de Vries taking on Timaya Thomson.

Thomson will be making her debut while the former will be in search of her second win.

There will also be a grappling session open to all in the morning, including children. Registration starts from at 8am with action beginning an hour later.

EWC was established in February by EFC star Patrick ‘God of War’ Luindula, who trains out of the Junkyard MMA Gym, in Boksburg.

Luindula has always had a passion for combat sport. He started competing in the Netherlands where he did karate before transitioning to Muay Thai in South Africa.

He made his EFC debut in December 2015.

“I have always been a fan of combat sport; I have loved the sport more as a fan and a trainer/coach, never really as a competitor,” said the EWC President.

“I was a bully when I was young and as I grew up I saw the damage being a bully has on people and how people I bullied when I was young were affected by what I had done.

“I turned my life around by first accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour and took the skills I had and started training others while I focused on my own career. Eventually, I turned pro in MMA.

“My dream is to leave a legacy of spreading kindness and doing whatever you can do to help others become better,” he added.

The Angolan added that the changes he wants to make to amateur MMA fueled the birth of EWC.

“I want fighters to be ‘fed’ during my events. Most fighters coming from literally nothing to middle class.

“I want them to have something to fight for. I have many fights as an amateur but don’t even have a trophy or medal to show for it because amateur MMA gave nothing back to the athlete, except experience. I’ve introduced gold medals for all the winners that compete at EWC events.

“We were blessed by Wild Waters’ Club La Boom, which sponsored a venue to host EWC events. And Junkyard MMA owner, senior trainer, MMA SA member and EFC referee Ferdinand Basson aided EWC in assuring we followed the rules that the events are sanctioned under.

“He also ensured that we could secure gear sponsors and water sponsors. Without him, the promotion would still be sitting on its first event.”

Luindula thanked every person and organisation which has been involved in the success of EWC.

The promotion is still in search of sponsors to help it grow the sport of MMA. EWC can be contacted on 082 538 0818 or email at [email protected]

The first EWC event was on April 22, at the Alberton Wrestling Club, with only nine fights on the card.

EWC 2 took place on June 24 at Club La Boom, with 11 fights on the card.

EWC 4 is scheduled for August 26 with the venue yet to be confirmed. – @SabeloBoksburg

Sabelo Mashego
Sports Journalist

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