Park dumping concerns residents

The complainant, who wishes to remain anonymous, has reported this problem to the Ekurhuleni Metro since March.

“The park’s garbage is not being collected. There are times when all the refuse is put into bags by Ekurhuleni workers and placed next to the rubbish bins,” said the complainant.

“Most days people scavenging in bins empty the rubbish bags to use for their own plastics and then leave the garbage all over the park again.”

A resident has raised concerns about the park on the corner of Charl Cilliers and Third streets which seems to have become a rubbish dump.

The resident is also concerned about the public who are dumping their refuse bags in the park.

“There have been rubbish bags there for months,” she said.

What worries her is the hygienic impact the garbage poses for people wanting to enjoy the park.

“The community is very active in this park. They play soccer and other sport here regularly and families like visiting the park as an outing.”

The Advertiser recently visited the park and saw a lot of black bags, building material and garden refuse dumped there.

We have requested comment from the Metro.

Ischke de Jager

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