Metro mum on its half job to repair Phillips Road

The municipality’s silence on the unfinished roadworks in Beyers Park and Westwood angers residents.

It’s been more than five weeks since municipal contractors removed the surface layer on a section of the road as part of a project to repair it.

The project was, however, halted, forcing motorists to drive on a gravel surface and subjecting nearby residents to high levels of dust.

One of the complainants, Joy Lobert, whose house is located next to the road, said staying in Beyers Park has been a real hassle over the last four weeks because of the dust.

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“The situation is getting worse and worse,” said Lobert.

Another resident, Rehman Essop, described driving on Phillips Road as “a nightmare” and said this is as a result of poor service delivery from the municipality.

The municipality’s silence on the issue angers residents who say they are in the dark as to when the road will be resurfaced as nobody at the roads department can shed any light on the matter.

The Advertiser has also not received any comment from the Metro.

Moreover, the Ward 22 Councillor Ruhan Robinson, said that after receiving complaints from residents he too has, on numerous occasions, tried to get the roads and storm water department to attend to the problem, but to no avail.

“I have been inundated with calls and messages from residents, complaining about the dust from Phillips and Rydal roads.

“Others have also indicated that they have suffered damages to their vehicles, particularly their wheels and tyres and the Department of Roads and Transport has offered very little information on the matter.

“Children and residents with sinus problems and asthma are negatively affected by the dust. Most households are unable to hang their laundry outside because of the dust,” said Robinson.

He added that the Department of Roads and Transport previously told him that the road would be fixed by June 23, which has clearly not happened.

Robinson claims that after June 23, he again contacted the relevant department and was told the roadworks would be completed by July 7.

The Advertiser visited the area on July 5 and discovered no sign of workers or work being done on the road.

Robinson said residents have reached the end of their tether, waiting for the metro to fix the problem.

“I wish the ANC government would do right by its residents and deliver the services they are meant to deliver,” added Robinson. [email protected]

Fanie Mthupha

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