Sonja and Tjokker to entertain little ones in the holidays

Sonja Heroldt and her doggy-friend Tjokker will be at Carnival City on July 22.

That’s when Sonja and Tjokker are heading to the Mardi Gras Theatre to entertain children and the young at heart with their fun filled bilingual (Afrikaans and English) musical theatre production.

Well known South African artist Sonja Heroldt and her best friend the big, fluffy brown dog named Tjokker, have travelled all over South Africa to visit and perform for young ones since 2012.

Their fun performances are loaded with old favourite nursery rhymes as well as new original content and aim not only at entertaining but also educating little ones.

As they invite their audiences to get up, get active and dance along to their exciting music and dance moves, these two educate children by light-heartedly and in an understandable manner addressing issues such as pollution, water conservation and the likes.

Tjokker is mischievous and has had children rolling on the floor with laughter at his naughty tricks for years.

“It will bring us the greatest of pleasure to see, especially, the little ones having a great time, being happy and laughing. We embrace family,” said Michelle Smith, the marketing manager at Carnival City.

Sonja and her doggy friend perform songs in English and Afrikaans.

Handjies in die lug, Siyabonga Baba and Mighty God are just a few of the songs to be expected as the two entertain their fans.

Ischke de Jager

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