Beloved Liewe Heksie back by popular demand

Botha Enslin as Geelheks.

Young and old fans are called to gather to watch new Liewe Heksie stories unfold on July 1.

Director Frans Swart adapted the two new Liewe Heksie stories; Liewe Heksie en Botterblom and Liewe Heksie en die Tuindwergie for the stage.

Heksie is played by Ana van Achterbergh.

As always, there is a talented cast of performers who play out the stories with beautiful costumes and sets to make the stories more vivid for young people.

Heksie is played by Ana van Achterbergh, with Botha Enslin, Debrè Opperman en Phillru van Achterbergh in numerous other roles.

The Liewe Heksie cast with director Frans Swart.

The show takes place at 11am with the doors to the Mardi Gras Theatre open from 10:30am.

Ischke de Jager

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