Damaged cable the latest in Atlasville’s power outages woes

This follows an electricity outages that have been affecting residents since last week.

Ward 23’s Clr André du Plessis said the power supply interruptions are caused by the installations of new cables that are being installed.

“The whole of Atlasville yesterday, June 7 didn’t have power.

“They said it’s going to be two streets, seemingly in Mercury and Star streets, unfortunately the whole Atlasville is affected. What is happening in Atlasville is totally unacceptable and it’s inconveniencing our residents,” he said.

According to a resident at Star Street, said: “We are affected by the power outages because my husband runs his business from home, having no electricity the whole day puts a strain on the business.

“Having the whole staff there, not being able to access emails, phone calls its frustrating. Our fridges and appliances are at risk of being damaged.”

The resident said the suburb has been affected by power and water interruptions for years now, since work on the spruit redevelopment began.

During November last year the Advertiser reported power outages in Atlasville seemed to be a regular occurrence.

At the time Gadebe said the contractor that was used by the Parks Department to work in the vlei area in Atlasville, in Mercury and Star streets, erroneously damaged the electrical cables.



Ntombi Sibeko

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