‘Pro-poor’ budgets not going anywhere

the mayor and his high-powered team are congratulating themselves on a supposedly “pro-poor” budget.

What kind of budgets has the metro dished up over the years that were not pro-poor?

You would assume after at least 18 years of ANC control, and as many (pro-poor) budgets, that the poor would be more than adequately catered for.

This is definitely not the case. The reasons for this can be summarised by a review of last year’s “metro achievements.”

The 2017 plan is to build 20 000 houses. Last year fewer than 200 were built. We could be facetious and say, well, that’s 200 more than zero.

The high unemployment in Ekurhuleni can be attributed to stifling red tape and de-industrialisation (welcome to Made in China).

Opaque tender procedures resulting in wasteful expenditure.

How are we doing on maintenance efficiency? Not too well, it seems, with deteriorating roads, myriad potholes, regular as clockwork power outages and burst water pipes.

What’s more, ratepayers are burdened with the non-payers’ debts, which are regularly written off as un-collectable. Then there is the cost of high unaccounted for electricity and water losses. Promises, promises, promises are never honoured.

These highly paid cadres always ensure that the entertainment budget is fully utilised.

It’s sad to see regular protests for service delivery. Wait a minute, you voted for these palookas, so what’s your problem? Change is in your hands – every five years!

Riaan Engelbrecht

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