Enrollments: Parents have seven days to submit documents to the school

Joel Doubell assists parent Emily Nonyane during an online registration at Boksburg High School, on May 4.

The online registration process for Grade One and Grade Eight opened on May 2 and will close on June 12 at midnight.

The placement of learners will start from July 24.

According to the department, reaching this milestone in one and half days is significant and justifies the shift to online application.

“With manual application this milestone would be reached in at least three months. The success can be attributed to the modifications and improvement made to the system, including but not limited to the establishment of 65 admissions centres across Gauteng,” the department said in a statement.

The department conceded it experienced “minor” problems including:

  • Incomplete waiting list numbers
  • Parents receiving WAB list numbers, meaning that addresses could not be found.
  • Isolated cases where the system showed schools far from home or work address of the parent. The department said, however, all these problems have been resolved.

Boksburg High School is one of the admission centres with other schools around the area set up to assist parents with applying

Parents flocked to the school on Thursday, May 4, to receive help with registering their children online.

Emily Nonyane from Dawn Park said it is her first time using the online system as she was applying for her child who is going to be doing Grade Eight next year.

“I haven’t faced any challenges with the online admission, everything has been going smoothly,” Nonyane said.

Upon submitting the online application form, parents will receive their waiting list number via SMS or email and will be required to submit all their supporting documents to the relevant school.

Parents are reminded to submit the following documents to the school within seven days:

  • ID copies of parent/guardian
  • Learner’s birth certificate
  • Latest school report (Grade Seven)
  • Proof of work or home address
  • Immunisation card (Grade One applicants)
  • Proof of guardianship of the learner, if not biological parents
  • Parent/guardian passport/Asylum Seekers permit for non-South African citizens

Parents with learners in Grade Two to Seven and Grade Nine and 11 are reminded of re-enrolment at the school.

For more information contact call centre number at 0800 000 789.


Ntombikayise Sibeko

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