Over 90 000 Gauteng parents signed up for school admissions

“We are pleased with the success of the online application system and humbled by the overwhelming response by the people of Gauteng. The feedback so far from the parents that have either used the system or gone to an admission centre to apply online has generally been positive,”  the department said in a statement.

“Within 20 minutes of opening‚ over 16 000 parents had successfully applied online. At lunch time‚ 90 984 total applications were processed through the system.”

The department conceded it experienced “minor” problems including:

– parents being told that their details already exist and

– receiving error messages whilst applying.

“However most of these have been resolved. Problems were resolved swiftly as soon as parents alerted the Department.”

The department‚ which advised parents to use Google Chrome to access the online website as is it faster than other search engines‚ said it had made a number of changes to the online registration system from last year to improve efficiency.

There are new improvements to the application to make the website more interactive and easy to use.

These are:

  • Only one logging will be required to complete the registration.
  • Various languages have been added in the system.
  • The system will now take all ID numbers. In previous years there was a problem since other countries use unique ID numbers and as a result, children could not register as the system did not make sense of the numbers.
  • The system will now allow parents to choose a school instead of using their address.
  • There are 65 spots to assist those without internet access.
  • The system has also been upgraded to take in 50 000 loggings per second instead of the previous 25 000 to make crashing impossible.

For those who applied‚ the department said: “Parents are reminded to submit their documents to the school as soon as possible. If documents are not submitted within the stipulated period‚ the application cannot be completed.”

Upon submitting the online application form, parents will receive their waiting list number via SMS or email and will be required to submit all their supporting documents to the relevant school. Supporting documents include: ID/Passport, immunization card, most recent school reports, proof of work or home address, birth certificate, legal guardianship among others.

Once a parent has applied, the department will allocate the child within seven days.

The department has urged parents who do not have access to the internet to visit all 65 admission centres across Gauteng. The centres opened on Tuesday and parents were given an opportunity of visiting community libraries and Thusanong centres in Gauteng.

The closing date for application is the June 12 at midnight. The placement of learners will start from July 24.

For more information contact:
Call centre number – 0800 000 789
Social media: Twitter and Instagram – @EducationGP and Gauteng Department of Education on Facebook
Riaan Engelbrecht

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