Right procedures not followed in Leeuwpoort development – Clr Reid

This housing project forms part of the Leeuwpoort development.

During the recent sod-turning ceremony for the development, MMC of Human Settlements, Lesiba Mpya, said council is going ahead with its plan to build thousands of homes in several vacant parcels of land in Sunward Park.

According to Reid, the metro is, however, going about this the wrong way.

“In terms of the Leeuwpoort development (south of Sunward Park), no township establishment application has been received. The subject land is still currently zoned for agricultural purposes.

“When a township establishment application is received, it will be circulated to all relevant departments including the ward councillor, and that has not happened in Sunward Park,” said Reid.

Reid said such submission has to include a motivation memorandum together with a layout plan and all accompanying documents.

“When I receive the application I will call a public meeting to discuss and show the township establishment application to the residents. The estimate for the infrastructure cost for this part of the development is in excess of R4 billion.

“The annual capital spend of the municipality is in the region of R4 billion. Therefore, it would take the municipality more than four years just to put in the required infrastructure.

“The artist’s impressions of what the development may look like as published with the EIA has changed and is likely to change again until such time as the plans are actually submitted.

“The stand sizes will vary from 400 square metres to 200 square metres on the edge next to Windmill Park, and the bigger stands will be closer to Sunward Park.

“Residents will therefore have time to engage when the rezoning applications are submitted,” said Reid.

No comment was received from the metro at the time of going to press. [email protected]

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Fanie Mthupha

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