Dina wins 2016 Bride of the Year crown

Dina married Julian Smit at Kloofzicht, Muldersdrift, on September 17.

The Advertiser had an opportunity to get to know the bride.

Q: Where and when did you meet your husband?

A: I met him at work (Insurance Zone), in 2014.

Q: Was it love at first sight?

A: Let’s face it – chemistry was more the killer for us.

Q: What attracted you to him and made you fall in love?

A: His laugh; you could hear it from the other side of the office. It was so contagious.

Q: How and when did you get engaged?

A: We got engaged on August 14, 2015. He surprised me on a getaway to Cape Town and popped the question at The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa.

Q: What was your wedding like?

A: It was the most amazing day any lady could live. Our favourite part was seeing everything we had planned being put all together just for us two. It was absolutely magical.

Q: What did you do on your honeymoon?

A: We went to Mauritius. Our days were filled with outdoor activities, swimming with dolphins, visiting different attractions, but our favourite was most probably the pirate boat rum tasting.

Dina was married to Julian Smit at Kloofzicht, Mudersdrift, on September 17.

Q: What is your husband’s best characteristic?

A: I am a very lucky lady – he treats me the way every woman deserves to be treated. He is supportive, always listens, is trustworthy and loves my flaws.

Q: What would a perfect date be like for the two of you?

A: Our perfect date would be at home with our two dogs – Tyra and Tyson – eating everything we can and watching Big Bang Theory.

Q: What’s your “thing” you like doing together as a couple?

A: Watching our recorded programmes after a long day at work, laughing together and enjoying quality time – the small things mean the most to us.

Q: What do the two of you do, respectively, to make each other feel special and loved?

A: This list goes on for forever. We are best friends, we always do nice things for each other, we love surprising you each other, etc.

Dina wins the following:

* Framing to the value of R1 000, from Janbre Art and Professional Picture Framing.

* Fifty photos processed in augmented reality, virtual reality video conversions of the wedding video and one virtual reality viewer, from My Panoramic.

Ischke de Jager

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