Pothole nightmare in Boksburg

A pothole that looks more like a sinkhole on the corner of Paul Kruger Street and 5th Avenue, Boksburg North. Showing its width is Gugu Ngwenya. This is the state of affairs in Boksburg.

It’s the rainy season and with it come potholes.

Boksburg’s streets, it seems, are hazardous not only for motorists, but also cyclists and pedestrians, especially children.

The Advertiser took to the streets and came across two huge potholes.


We advise the public to be cautious when driving on the roads.

Please share your views on the condition of the roads, as well as pictures of potholes in your area, in the Facebook comment section. Remember to add the address.

What, according to you, is the main cause of this poor state of the roads?

The Advertiser is awaiting comment from the Ekurhuleni Metro.


Ischke de Jager

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