Metro denies fraudulent use of credit cards

Gugu Ndima, mayoral spokesperson, said the Office of the Executive Mayor in Ekurhuleni has noted the social media allegations peddled against MMC Lesiba Mpya and the Chief of Staff, Reckson Hasani.

“The allegations are unfortunate as the City of Ekurhuleni has no credit cards for any executive or staff member,” said Ndima.

“The two public representatives of the City of Ekurhuleni further clarified that they were not at the alleged venue at that time of the morning.

“The two representatives well within their rights were at the January 8 festivities and supporting the event.

“As the City of Ekurhuleni we uphold the firm belief that every public servant must act and conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

“We remain servants of our people. This message was affirmed in the January 8 statement. We regret the sensationalism created around false allegations around the public representatives of the metro.”

“As the metro we remain focused on delivering service to our people and ensuring that we strive towards unity and delivering on our mandate and social contract with the people of Ekurhuleni.”

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