Woman robbed of R600 suspects an inside job

She went to register a vehicle and upon arriving, was approached by one of the people who were sitting on the two benches near the entrance to the building.

The said person offered to help fill in the forms, which he then took to Counter Two for payment.

“I was under the impression that this particular person, is employed at the traffic department,” she said.

The said person then returned with the stamped forms and handed them over to her, before leaving.

When she proceeded to the next counter, she was informed that there was a problem with the forms.

She found out that though the forms had been stamped, no payment was made whatsoever. At that stage, the person who helped her was nowhere to be seen.

The resident thinks the department should investigate this behaviour as according to her, it’s clear that it was an inside job, as the man in question was able to get an official stamp without payment.

She then spoke to a woman, who introduced herself as a supervisor to the person working at counter two, but still didn’t get any joy.

When she enquired about the video footage, the woman supervisor told her that the cameras were dysfunctional.

Boksburg police are investigating.

The advertiser is awaiting a response from Ekurhuleni Metro.

Maile Matsimela

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