Closer Chinese links likely for Ekurhuleni

City of Ekurhuleni’s MMC of Human Settlement, Cllr Lesiba Mpya, with the People’s Government of Sammenxia’s (China) deputy mayor, Mrs Li Qinghong, holding a token of appreciation during a meeting, that will prospectively establish a productive trade and academia partnership between both municipalities.

The meeting was broadly in line with the city’s strategic relations, with other metropolitan sister cities around the globe.

The Deputy Mayor of the People’s government of Sanmenxia, Li Qinghong, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and outlined key strategic areas of development that they have invested in, in their city, ranging from agriculture to industrialisation.

These key areas encompass priority developmental areas of the City of Ekurhuleni and speak to long term strategic plans and projects for the City.

MMC Mpya and Deputy Mayor Qinghong strongly agreed on the need to develop young people and invest in education.

There was a mutual understanding that exchange programmes of education are imperative, to drive cultural and skill exchange between the two cities.

The overall meeting discussed possible trade and partnership relations for the future in academia, trade and overall development.

Ntombikayise Sibeko

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