Woman dies, husband critical in North Rand Road bike accident

EMER-G-MED’s RV2 and A12 responded to the accident.

EMER-G-MED reported on its Facebook page that on arrival, paramedics found that a motorbike and a BMW had been involved in a T-bone collision, after the car allegedly skipped the red traffic light.

“The two people on the bike, believed to be a married couple, both sustained very critical injuries and required immediate Advanced Life Support interventions.


“While trying to stabilise the patients for transport, the female’s heart stopped.

“Paramedics immediately began CPR and performed other life-saving interventions, unfortunately her injuries were too extensive – she was declared dead on the scene.”

The male biker was stabilised on-scene before being transported to a nearby hospital under Advanced Life Support care.

He remains in a critical condition.


The driver of the car, who was also transported to a nearby hospital, sustained minor injuries and was severely traumatised.

EMPD were on-scene to investigate the exact events leading up to the collision.

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