Detection still the key to beating cancer

With this disease taking more and more lives each and every day, the Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) has urged our communities to get screened regularly for this deadly disease.
Lucy Balona, head of marketing and communication at Cansa, said that early detection is key to enabling effective treatment and a better chance of recovering from cancer.


If you are experiencing symptoms which concern you, it is vital to have them investigated by a health professional as soon as possible.
“It is important to detect cancer early by conducting regular self-examinations and going for regular medical check-ups.”


You can be screened for:

* Cervical cancer, done with pap smears.
* Breast cancer, done with clinical breast examinations and mammograms.
* Prostate cancer, done with prostate specific antigen finger-prick blood test.
* Skin cancer, using Fotofinder Mole-mapping machines.
* Lifestyle risk assessments are done by assessing your cancer risk.
“Cancer affects one in four South Africans, through diagnosis of family, friends, colleagues or self,” said Balona.

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