Serve strawberry Santas

If you are not a fan of whipped cream, you can use icing as a substitute.

You will need:
* One dozen strawberries.
* One cup whipped cream.
* A handful of chocolate drops

What to do:
Using a paring knife, slice the leafy end off each strawberry so they stand up evenly. Then slice the tip off to make a little hat.
Using a spoon or a large icing tip, place a large dollop (about one to two teaspoons) of whipped cream on top of the strawberry base. Place the little hat on top. Add another small dollop of whipped cream to the tip of the hat to make a mock pom-pom.
Place two chocolate drops in the Santas “face” for the eyes. Using a toothpick, place two very small dots of whipped cream down the front of the strawberry for buttons.
If you don’t eat them right away, store them in the fridge to keep them cold.

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