Candy cane pool noodles

This is a great DIY project to do with the kids over the December holidays.

You will need:
* Fishing line.
* Pool noodles.
* Tulle or ribbon.
* Straight pins.
* Tape.

What to do:
Bend the tip of the pool noodle over to create the hook or the “J” of a candy cane. Secure the hook in place with the fishing line.
Using a straight pin, secure the tulle or weatherproof ribbon inside the bottom hole of the pool noodle and be careful that the pin doesn’t poke through to the other side.
Wrap the pool noodle with the tulle or weatherproof ribbon and secure it the same way once you reach the other end of the noodle.
Use fishing line to anchor your candy cane to the screen, patio area or anywhere outside your home or float the pool noodle candy canes in the water.

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