Good to know simple mommy life hacks

So let’s get right to it. When you have children you will need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to get through those interesting times.
If you have Lego bricks, you likely have storage issues as they are everywhere. An easy way of sorting and storing Lego is to use a shoe storage bag. This will allow your children easy access to their Lego but at the same time keeping you from stepping on pieces in the middle of the night.
Shoe storage bags also work great for Barbie dolls and art supplies.

Has your child ever gotten hold of a permanent marker and drawn on your walls, clothes and themselves? Then here are a few tricks you need to know:
* To get marker out of clothing use hand sanitiser.
* For walls, use toothpaste or hairspray.
* Use rubbing alcohol for wood.
* White vinegar is said to get marker out of carpeting.
* For furniture, use milk.

permanent marker
Does your child have a serious stuffed animal problem? Then there are a few options to keep them together and out of the way. Firstly you could buy a metal trash can (these can be found in the kitchen section at most home stores) and use it to keep the stuffed animals together. You could even paint it to match your child’s room.
Secondly, you could try a stuffed animal hammock by nailing a net or blanket to a corner of the room. But first play around with it before committing to any holes in your wall.


If you are the parent of a little girl who loves her dolls, then this is for you. Use a small spray bottle with two tablespoons of fabric softener and the rest water to renew and smooth your daughter’s doll’s hair.



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