Keep them healthy, vaccinate

Polio Awareness Week takes place each year from August 6 to 12.
The department recommends that children under the age of five be immunised against the most common childhood diseases.
In 2006, the overall routine immunisation coverage for South Africa was less than 80 per cent and some districts still had less than 60 per cent immunisation coverage.
Dangerous childhood diseases such as measles and polio, with potential fatal complications especially in small children, can be prevented most effectively.
Immunisations for vaccine preventable diseases are available free of charge at public health clinics.
The last case of polio was reported in South Africa in 1989. But as long as there are still cases of wild poliovirus anywhere in the world, polio can easily be imported and spread within another polio free country if all children have not been fully vaccinated.
Watch the video below to see the lifecycle of the polio virus.


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