Importance of prenatal classes

Many women and their partners choose to attend childbirth classes to gather information and lessen their anxiety.
Childbirth classes will build your confidence in your body’s ability to give birth.
You can discuss your fears about labour and birth with the instructor and other couples with the same concerns.
Your partner will learn about childbirth and how to support you on the big day. You may find that attending childbirth classes together will create a special bond.
Your instructor will discuss pain relief options, including massage, relaxation, breathing and medications.
A tour of your birthing facility during class will give you the opportunity to see the staff in action.
This is a great time to ask your instructor about routine practices, such as electronic foetal monitoring and freedom of movement during labour.
The content of the classes varies.
Some concentrate purely on physical and emotional preparation for labour and birth.
Others provide a more rounded course for pregnant women and their birth partners.

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