Top five Christmas holiday destinations

We are fortunate to be experiencing summer, so travel opportunities are unlimited.

So whether you’re craving the ‘Berg or beach, you’re sure to find a memorable place to spend your Christmas holiday.

Here are five of the biggest attractions in South Africa:

* Beach. Whether you’re on the warmer east coast or chillier west coast, there are scores of coastal towns where you can have a festive time. Durban and its surrounding coastal town are renowned Christmas holiday favourites. Likewise, on the west coast, Cape Town is popular for its metropolitan lifestyle and stunning shorelines.

* Drakensberg. The majestic Drakensberg mountains attracts thousands of visitors to its foothills each holiday season. With varied activities and a picturesque landscape, there’s something to keep everyone entertained and together.

* Big Five. The leopard, lion, buffalo, elephant and rhinoceros are the Big Five and seeing these beasts in the flesh is a surreal experience, combine that with the magic of the festive season and you’ve got a holiday that will always bring a smile to your face. Game lodges are spread across the length and breadth of South Africa, with one to suit any pocket or adventure-seeker.

* The wine routes. An incredible and truly South African way to take in the sights of the Cape Winelands whilst savouring a proudly South African masterpiece. Tours and wine tastings are available for visitors, with a wide range of accommodation dotted along the route.

* City. If you’re keen to embrace the city life, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a wide range of five-star entertainment, shopping and lifestyle options. While Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg may be the top trending cities in South Africa, there are many notable towns that have blossomed into vibrant cities. With first-class malls, theatres, restaurants, sports facilitates and spas, South Africa is waiting to welcome you this Christmas.

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