Have a silly, happy and fun NYE

Tips for the host:
* Get attention of the group.
* Stand where everyone can see you.
* Use the other adults as helpers.
* Groups will cooperate better if they know what is going to happen.
* Plan your activities to move easily from game to game. For instance, if everyone is seated, then play two or three “sitting” games.
* Stop the game before interest lags.
* Arrange competing teams so they are equal in strength and skill.
* Change the activity before the group gets bored.
* Change the rules to meet the situation.
* If there is something missing, improvise.
* Learn to use whatever materials are available.

Bite the Bag
This fun party game is hilarious. It is played the opposite of the traditional limbo game. Players place their hands behind their backs and take turns reaching down to pick up a brown paper sack with nothing but their mouth. After every round you cut off or fold down another inch or so from the bag.
The rules: Simple, nothing but your mouth can be used to pick up the box and nothing but your feet can touch the floor. If a player breaks a rule they are out of the competition. To make it harder some people play where you have to be holding one foot off the ground while you ‘bite the bag’.
Other people have also used empty cereal boxes to play this game if they could not find a brown paper sack.

Adverb Game
Person A leaves the room. The rest choose an adverb (eg ‘joyfully’, ‘lazily’, or ‘gloomily’). Person A returns and has to guess the adverb. He can either ask questions and stipulate that they be answered ‘in the manner of the word’, or ask the group to act out a situation (driving a car; making a sandwich) ‘in the manner of the word’.

Mail Call
This game is usually played as an icebreaker. Have your group sit in a circle so there are no gaps. (It may be helpful to use chairs if possible.) Someone stands in the centre of the circle and says, “Mail Call for everyone who is wearing red.” Then all the people who have red on get up and switch chairs with someone else who had red on. Players cannot sit in a chair immediately beside them or in their own chair. The object is for the person in the middle to get a chair before someone else can. It’s similar to musical chairs.
Note: The person in the middle does not have to be wearing red. Be creative, some other examples you can use are: “Mail Call for everyone who … has a dog, has a sister, likes to eat pizza, drove in a car to get here, wears braces, hates math.” The list is endless.

Blind man’s bluff
An all-time favourite party game, blind man’s bluff provides a fun and challenging kids activity that will entertain and engage the whole family. You and your kids will have hours of fun as you put your hearing to the test to win this game. One blindfold required.
Choose one child to wear the blindfold. The child then has to wander the room until they find another child. Once they touch them they are to guess who they think they have found. If they are correct, the child they found gets to be blindfolded next. If they are incorrect, they get to be blindfolded one more time. If they are wrong a second time, they get to choose who is to be blindfolded next.

Rubber Chicken
In this game one person must go to the center of the room and interact with a rubber chicken in any way they want to try and illicit laughs from everyone else. They can converse with it, dance with it, cry on its shoulder, whatever they can think of. Anything can be used in place of a rubber chicken, such as a stuffed animal, but the rubber chicken is the funniest. They have one minute to try and make at least one person laugh. The first person who laughs must take their turn with the rubber chicken.

A game of speed. Player One shouts out a category (eg ‘fish’ or ‘puddings’) and the other players shout out examples, in order. For added excitement, the players set up a rhythm, either clicking fingers, slapping thighs or clapping hands.
Click, click, clap, clap. Player 1:
‘Categories’. Click… Player 2:
‘Such as’.Click… Player 3:
‘Flowers’. Click… Player 4:
‘Daisy’ Click… Player 5:
Play continues until one of the participants is unable to think of an example. He or she is then eliminated. Then, either carry on with the same category, or think of a new one.

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