Lighter skin more prone to cancer

People with fair skin, especially those with red hair, moles or skin spots as well as people with a personal or family history of skin cancer, or who play sport outdoors, work in the sun or spend a lot of time driving, are considered high-risk.

At least 80 per cent of sun-induced skin damage occurs before the age of 18 and only manifests later in life. Therefore, it is imperative to take special care of children in the sun, whether it is at the pool, on the beach, at play or at school.

Babies younger than one year should never be exposed to direct sunlight.

Generally Caucasians have an earlier onset and greater skin wrinkling and sagging signs than other skin types and in general increased pigmentary problems are seen in skin of colour.

Changes in skin biophysical properties with age demonstrate that the more darkly pigmented subjects retaining younger skin properties compared with the more lightly pigmented groups.

However, despite having a more compact stratum corneum (SC) there are conflicting reports on barrier function in these subjects.

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