2014 Idol to be crowned at Carnival City

This year’s hotly-contested competition kicked-off in July, with contenders battling it out in dramatic shows of talent on DSTV’s MNet and Mzanzi channels on Sunday nights.

The judges and South African public have been slowly whittling-down the entrants to the final 2 who will compete for the prestigious title of SA Idol 2014 in the grand finale.

“We are absolutely thrilled to play host to the 2014 SA Idols final next week. It promises to be an exciting, emotional and entertaining culmination of weeks of grueling competition. We look forward to welcoming the finalists to the Big Top Arena stage and encourage Idols fans to be there to support them,” says Mireshnee Kisten, PR & Promotions Manager at Carnival City.

For over a decade, the South African version of Idols has been one of the country’s biggest shows, always full of spice, scandal and above all, supers singing. The show’s forte is forging superstars from raw talent and it has consistently launched the boys and girls next door to the top of the pop charts.

From Season 1’s Heinz Winckler, to Brandon October, Elvis Blue and Lloyd Cele (who both won SAMAs in 2012) to Khaya Mthetwa (who walked away with his first SAMA for his debut album, Move), and the latest winner Musa Sukwene (who has recently released his debut album, The Dream), many previous Idols contenders are carving out lucrative careers for themselves.

Traditionally, fans have flocked to the final events which have been held at various venues over the years. This will be the first time that the grand finale has been staged at Carnival City.

The doors to the Big Top Arena open at 15:30 and guests are required to be seated by 16h15 for the show which starts at 17h00.

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