Four tips that will help you enjoy your iPhone more

1. Take a picture

Plug your iPhone Earphones in, position the camera and then press the volume-up button to snap the photo. This is a handy feature when you are trying to take a steady ‘selfie’ or a group shot.

2. Manage calls
Switch to a new incoming call by tapping the centre button (volume up or down) once. You can end the call by holding down the centre button for two seconds.
Ignore incoming calls by pressing and holding the centre button for a couple of seconds. You’ll hear two beeps when the call has been ignored.
3. Listen to music
Play or pause – Press the centre button once to start or stop a song. Skip a song – Tap the centre button twice. Go to a previous song – Tap the centre button three times.
Fast-forward through a song – Press the centre button once, then press it again and hold it down. Release the button when you’ve reached the spot you are looking for.
Rewind – Tap the centre button twice, then press it a third time and hold it down. As with fast forward, release the button when you’re ready.
4. Activate Siri
Press and hold the centre button (volume button) to activate Siri.
Bet you didn’t know all of that!
This article was first published by Ladysmith Gazette
Saish Motheram

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