Taegrin Morris’ murder suspect arrested

Taegrin Morris.

Police Spokesperson Noxolo Kweza was quoted from a statement, “Gauteng police have arrested a 32-year-old suspect following the hijacking and murder of a Reiger Park little boy.

“The suspect was arrested in Katlehong and was positively identified as one of the hijackers who hijacked the family while visiting a relative on the day.”

The death of Taegrin who died in July after being dragged for a long distance behind a hijacked car left the community of Reiger Park furious as many demanded justice.

Taegrin was left hanging halfway out of the car in his safety belt and was dragged as the car was driven off by the hijackers.

According news reports, “He was found dead in Boksburg, between eight to 10km away.”

It is believed that the suspect has been charged with murder and hijacking and is expected to appear in the Boksburg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

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