Valentine’s Day: Time vs Money – which do you prefer?

Every Valentine’s Day couples are faced with the dilemma of either spending time or money on their loved ones. To some, this dilemma goes unnoticed as their occupations and lifestyles leave little choice but to spend money to express their love.
However, buying expensive gifts and jewellery for your partner is not the only way to make the person you love happy. Some people spend less money but more time with their loved ones and families.
To be honest, there is no right or wrong choice between these two. It all comes down to what your partners prefer.
But of course being a little spontaneous wouldn’t harm. Just because your partner enjoys spending time with you does not mean you shouldn’t surprise him or her with a nice watch or a trip to that one hotel he or she loves dearly.
Nonetheless, blessed are those who can afford to spend both money and time. But if you cannot get both it doesn’t mean you are less important. What matters the most is that your partner makes you feel special.
This is what people had to say:
“Spending quality time together is the best part of my day. It is the little things that count, such as making me coffee, giving me lots of hugs and buying me roses. However, gifts are more than welcome,” said Megan Brandt from Johannesburg.
Billy-Jean Johnson, who is a sales manager in Alberton, said, “I prefer spending time together because time is more valuable and money can’t buy happiness, love and memories.”

Nodusani Mkhize and Thabang Ngwenya, who are sales agents at Telkom, said they would rather be indoors with their loved ones, maybe even cook something special to share.
“Personally I like it when my wife buys me something nice. It is important to spent time together, but on Valentine’s Day I enjoy the gifts she brings me,” said John Tau.
Meanwhile, Nomaswazi Nhlapo said, “Time gives you the chance to cuddle. With money, a person can buy you gifts and that may not mean anything serious to him or her. Time is more important!

FNB says, “You don’t have to be rich to show your love – celebrate Valentine’s on a budget.”

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