Local news

Don’t miss some heavyweight comedy at the Big Top

South African, Nigerian and Ugandan comedians will unite for a once-off, not-to-be-missed, outrageously funny comedy showcase, The Heavyweights International Comedy Show, to promote African unity and fight xenophobia.

Office bullies: Counter their sting with strategy

While many young South Africans are victims to bullying at school, the phenomenon is not limited to the playground, with many lives and careers damaged annually by bullies in the workplace.

‘n Aand vir supervroue

Sunward Park Gemeenskapskerk se vrouebediening nooi alle dames in Ekurhuleni, van alle denominasies, na ’n reeks werkswinkels.

Taking the fight to cancer

The Sunward Park cancer support group known as The Champions meets on the second Saturday of each month at the Trinity Community Church in Sunward Park.

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