Handy tips for keeping your money safe this festive season

So, when you’re on the move, how do you keep your hard-earned cash safe?

Glen Jordan, Director of Financial Services Provider IMB, provides the following simple, useful, and effective tips for safeguarding what you earn.

“We all feel the urge to spend over the festive season, but how do we ensure that the money we make goes to the right people?

“By keeping to these eight easy-to-remember principles, you can protect yourself and your earnings from opportunists.”

1 Don’t carry cash

Cash is no longer king. By keeping large quantities of notes on your person, you become an easy target for thieves and pickpockets. Keep just enough on you to pay for small items and safe-guard against unforeseen circumstances.

2 Get a card

Carry your cash on a card. That way your money is safe and protected by the pin you select. “At IMB, clients can open an account, even if they don’t have a SA ID document. This is perfect because it means you no longer have to carry cash,” Jordan says.

3 Keep your information secret

Don’t ever write your PIN down on a piece of paper. By doing this, you put yourself at risk. And before you know it, someone else could be spending the money you earned. Keep it secret, keep it safe.

4 Be vigilant

“This time of year is always busy and vibrant, and scammers exploit this,” warns Jordan.

“Be careful in busy areas such as malls and bus-stations, as the steady traffic of people creates confusion and easy getaway routes. Don’t let anyone assist you at an ATM, offer to carry your luggage or buy your ticket for you, as these are often just tricks used to make off with your money.”

By keeping your head about you, you can ensure that this season remains festive.

6 Travel with reliable charter services

Make sure that however you get home, you do it safely. This means sticking to charter services like trains and buses that are approved by the relevant authorities.

Not only does this mean that you will get home when you plan to, but it also means that the service operators are accountable to certain standards

Tips on when reporting crime, safety measures

Keep safe during this festive season


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